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Data Scientist | Technology Strategist | Thought Leader

I am an accomplished technology practictioner specializing in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI recognized for my stategic thinking, creativity, and diverse set of skills and experiences. My experience spans multiple industries in the Enterprise, such as Consumer Electronics (CE), Finance, Industrial IoT, Media Broadcasting, Sports Media... Some of the aspects I excel in are:

  • Early-Stage Initiatives, Proof of Concepts (POC) Designs
  • Strategic Technology Assessment and Advisory
  • Machine Intelligence, Ethical AI Decision Making
  • Natural Language (NLP), Reinforcement Learning (DRL), Computer Vision (CV)
  • Research & Development, Incubation & Innovation
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Scaling from Research to Production
  • Storytelling Narratives
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Partner Engagements
  • Training Education
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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Speaking Engagements
  • Bank of America Data Science and AI Conference, Charlotte, NC - October 2019
  • O'Reilly AI San Jose CA - September 2019: Intel Builders Conference
  • Draper University Blockchain Pre-Accelerator Program, San Francisco - April 2019
  • ThoughtWorks FireSide Chat on Refactoring w/Martin Fowler - Jan 2019
  • Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo, New York - 2018
  • UiPathTogether, New York - 2018: What's Next for AI & Cognitive Technologies
  • Metis, Columbia Data Science - 2018: Responsible Intelligence
  • Scale by the Bay (SBTB) - 2017: From Research to Production
  • Cognitive Frameworks Festival - 2017: Deep Learning w/DL4J
  • Hortonworks Future of Data Meetup - 2017: Deep Learning w/DL4J

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  • Rutgers Center for Innovation, Big Data Strategy
  • Rutgers Center for Innovation, Design Thinking
  • Udacity, Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) Nanodegree
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  • Galvanize, Data Science Immersive
  • Data ScienceTech Institute, Data Science
  • General Assembly, Data Science
  • Bruno Poirier, Creativity & Innovation
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